SMILE(SMall Incision Lenticule Extaction) is the very latest, 3rd generation, laser eye surgery technique used to treat short-sightedness, with or without astigmatism. This treatment is available only at “THE EYE INFIRMARY” in private health sector.

Smile laser surgery is performed with a femtosecond laser directly beneath the surface of the cornea, whereupon a flap is not formed on the cornea. Moreover, it is not operated on with a mechanical blade. Refractive errors are corrected with a very small opening performed with the laser, whereupon the outer surface of the cornea remains virtually untouched during the whole procedure.

The Smile procedure keeps the surface of the cornea and surface nerves virtually intact, which considerably reduces post-surgical dryness of the eyes and accelerates recovery. The permanence of the Smile procedure result is assured, and there is no fear that any blows occurring in competitive sports will result in a dislocation of the flap.

Advantages of Relex smile laser eye procedure

  • The big advantage or Benefit of ReLEx SMILE is the fact that the treatment takes place without a flap.
  • Under single machine
  • Only 2 mm incision
  • Only 2 minutes procedure
  • No chance of the flap moving, shifting, dislocating or folding.
  • Much less chance of developing dry eyes
  • Much better for the long term stability of the cornea
  • The treatment takes place in a closed environment, without outside contact.
  • Unaffected by outside temperature, humidity, draft, etc. This increases the precision.

It has a good safety profile, there is less induction of hight order aberrations, absence of typical flap related complications, less risk of dry eye, and induction of corneal instability is less.  Our personal results, in addition to that found in the peer reviewed literature, show significant advantages of SMILE compared to Femto-LASIK. It combines the advantages and compensates the disadvantages of both, what makes it to the 3rd generation of laser vision correction.

Benefits of the unique flapless ReLEx SMILE Procedure

  1. Flapless
    ReLEx is turning the world of refractive surgery on its head. Previously a side-cut of roughly 20 mm had to be created, whereas a small incision of less than 4 mm is sufficient in ReLEx SMILE making it a micro incision keyhole procedure.
  2. All-femto
    By choosing ReLEx you will be making complete and exclusive use of the high-precision ZEISS VisuMax laser – and exploiting the benefits of modern femtosecond technology.
  3. Single-step
    ReLEx brings together a number of factors which clearly belong together: the entire laser treatment, consisting of lenticule creation and access, takes place in a single step.
  4. Indication range:
    ReLEx for myopia and astigmatism

    • Sphere: -0.50 to -10.00 D
    • Cylinder: 0 to 5.00 D
    • Spherical equivalent: -0.75 to -10.00 D


  • In some cases SMILE is said to be better, safer and faster than LASIK
  • In SMILE the upper cornea layer is kept intact unlike when a corneal flap is lifted as during LASIK
  1. 1. The SMILE procedure offers several advantages over traditional refractive techniques. Due to the use of femtosecond cutting instead of ablation, refractive correction is not affected by ambient room conditions and corneal hydration and leads, amongst other things, to excellent predictability, also for higher corrections.
  2. Due to the absence of a flap, the upper corneal layer and nerve tracts of the cornea remain largely intact. Therefore, the dry eye syndrome is a much rarer side-effect compared with other refractive surgeries. Furthermore, the small incision lowers the incidence of infection and epithelial in growth and the healing of the cornea is better. It is approved for the correction of myopia (up to -10.00D) and myopic astigmatism (up to -5.00D)
  3. The impact on corneal sensation after SmILE and Femto-LASIK has been compared, where SMILE-treated eyes showed less compromised corneal sensation than Femto-LASIK –treated eyes.
  4. Higher order aberrations (HOA): For SMILE it has been demonstrated that HOA’s are reduced compared to LASIK.

7 Reasons Why ReLEx SMILE Is the Future in Laser Technology

  • Flapless : retains the biomechanical strength of the cornea
  • No risk : of Flap displacement and other flap related complications
  • No Dry Eye : Nerves responsible for tear regulation remain more or less intact
  • Painless and least invasive
  • Predictability : Femtosecond Technology results are outstanding
  • Fast, precise and convenient treatment
  • Result is effective within 24 hours and stabilizes in 6 weeks

SMILE laser procedures is the 3rd generation of lasers to correct spectacles powers (LASIK is the 2nd generation).
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