PTK (Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy)

Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy – PTK Laser eye surgery. PTK is a surgical procedure which is mainly used to treat scars on the cornea and any other type of corneal surface disease. These include corneal dystrophy and epithelial erosion syndrome.

PTK for Recurrent Corneal Erosion

Recurrent corneal erosion syndrome is a common condition that affects the cornea – the clear window on the front of your eye.

An initial scratch on your cornea damages its outermost layer and heals with a scar. This scar can stick to the underside of your eyelid, usually while you are sleeping, or after you have been in dry, dusty environments. When you open your eye, the scar may be stripped off and the damage reappears. This will usually make your eye painful and watery in the night or first thing in the morning, and you may also experience blurring of your vision and light sensitivity. This may happen many months or years after the initial injury and may happen repeatedly.

The way to avoid recurrent erosions is by using lubricating eye drops and ointment long-term. Regular use of thick eye ointment at night, and artificial tear drops during the day provides a barrier between the lid and the cornea. This prevents the scar from sticking to the underside of the eyelid. Patients are often advised to continue the lubrication treatment for several months to prevent recurrence even if you do not experience any symptoms.

If medication dose not work, then the next options photo therapeutic keratectomy (PTK) which is using the laser to remove some layers of the cornea. Phototherapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) is an excimer laser surgical procedure that removes roughness from the cornea. The cornea is the smooth clear window of the eye in front of the colored iris that helps bend light rays so they focus directly on the retina, the light-sensing layer of cells at the back of the eye. If the corneal surface is rough, the rays of light do not focus properly on the retina and images are blurry. The excimer laser allows some abnormal corneas to be treated with a cool beam of light that evaporates tissue.

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